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JM&A Group & RockED Partnership

A first-of-its-kind partnership designed to leverage JM&A’s expertise and RockED’s modern learning science to elevate dealership performance in F&I and beyond.

Dealerships should adapt to meet the needs of a new generation. eLearning is gaining popularity across various generations in the workforce, ranging from Baby Boomers to Gen Z for its flexibility, accessibility, and engaging content.

Train How We Learn 

JM&A - 95%

of learners said that they are able to retain information with video-based education

JM&A - 94%

eLearners prefer to study at their own pace


more revenue generated by companies with vast eLearning

Data from Demansage (65+ eLearning Statistics for 2024)

Mobile Learning Platform

RockED offers professional development to dealership employees with innovative learning tools. Tailored to level up performance, enhance skills, and boost confidence.

The Benefits:


Customer-Focused F&I for Dealership Success

Sell F&I online with Virtual F&I and implement modern retail strategies to stay on pace with evolving industry trends and consumer needs.


Transfer The Trust

Build trust and rapport by being the bridge between customers and our Virtual F&I Assistant, ensuring a comfortable and exciting car buying experience. In the turnover, as a familiar partner, focus on being positive, informative, and reassuring to dispel any uncertainties about the F&I process, encouraging customer participation and questions.

Intro Your Virtual Assistant

After securing your customer's trust and enthusiasm for the car, smoothly transition to introducing the Virtual Assistant by emphasizing its role as a helpful guide throughout the buying process. When introducing the Virtual Assistant, focus on conveying three key facts: who they are, what they do, and how they benefit the customer, ensuring a confident and natural transition that enhances the customer experience.

It's as easy to demo RocKED as 1-2-3

1. Take the Skybridge to North Hall

2. Visit us in booth #7223N (see map below)

3. Receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card if you demo

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