Train How We Learn

Dealerships should adapt to meet the needs of a new generation. eLearning is gaining popularity across various generations in the workforce, ranging from Baby Boomers to Gen Z for its flexibility, accessibility, and engaging content.

95% Retain Information

of learners said that they are able to retain information with video-based education


eLearners prefer to study at their own pace


more revenue generated by companies with vast eLearning

Data from Demandsage (65+ eLearning Statistics for 2024)

RockED_Mobile Training Platform

Mobile Learning Platform

 Performance development & education for dealers

 Next-generation mobile enablement platform

 180+ courses in exclusive auto retail library

 50+ automotive experts teach best practices

 Habit builder & gamification for ongoing training

Speed Up Onboarding

 30-Day bootcamp for Sales and Service

 Bespoke Onboarding tracks for new hires

 Custom welcome on values, culture & policies

 Unlimited users & frictionless self-onboarding

 Easy content assignment with custom groups

RockED_Manager Tool

Develop Managers

 FUEL meeting-in-the-box to run huddles

 >20 meeting templates incl. content & prompts

 20+ leadership journeys to become great coaches

 Assignment & sharing features to prescribe courses

  Reports to identify learner & course progress

Certify Your Team

  Modular certifications with assessments

 Micro-learning to complement LMS touchpoints

 Purpose-built: Electrification, Modern Retail

 Deep certification & enterprise data

 Frictionless rollout & self-onboarding

RockED Investor

Why Automotive Ventures Invested?

Steve Greenfield, General Partner: RockED is at the forefront of addressing some of the biggest challenges of the automotive industry, delivering certifiable and data-driven learning paths to each frontline dealership worker.

RockED complements a dealership’s existing learning & development stack solutions, incl. in-person and web-based training, as its focus on quick bursts of daily learning in the flow of work serves as a crucial reinforcement to employees.

Keeping critical product, process knowledge and soft skills top of mind, RockED’s unique value proposition stems from the intersection of high-quality content crafted by automotive experts and research-backed, predictive technology with gamification elements.