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Don Hall Teaches The Key To Successful Leadership

Don Hall has been serving the automotive industry for 40 years - mostly as the President and CEO of the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association (VADA). 

Lead Stronger with Don

The Key to Successful Leadership:

Level up your leadership with Don’s second RockED journey on how to elevate your team's leadership and dealership potential.

Expert: Don Hall
Journey Length: 5 guides
Collection: Build a Great Culture

1. Lead From the Front

If you ask it of your people, ask it of yourself.

2. Feed Your Troops

Let your team know you’re willing to help them attain their goals.

3. Greatest Assets Are Your People

Be concerned about every team member’s happiness.

4. You are Replaceable

Recognize that you can and will be replaced one day. Create a succession plan.

5. Be Responsible For Your Success in Life

If it is to be, it’s up to me. Take ownership of your life and career.

In his RockED journey, Don Hall provides you with the CliffsNotes of how to be a great leader and earn your team’s respect.

You will find inspiration from how Don worked hard, stayed true to himself, and found success in automotive retail.

Just like he shares in his first guide Lead From the Front.

Lead Stronger with Don

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"RockED is the ideal partner:

It makes education accessible for everyone that is customer-facing in the showroom or the drive.

It finally gives dealers a process to hold their people accountable for getting better every day."

Steve Hoffman (VADA General Manager)

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