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Performance Development for Automotive Dealers

Build Expert Skills for Modern Retail.

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9 out of 10 Dealers are Concerned


(*Q4/2022 RockED Dealer Pulse Survey)

Dealers currently worry about high interest rates, lower Service drive efficiency, and increased labor turnover.

Hold your associates, advisors and leadership accountable for improving their customer skills and performance.

Katie Loyas, Head of Partner Engagement

Trusted by Progressive Dealer Partners

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Tackle Big Challenges

Performance Man min

Prioritize Peak Performance:

More than 85% of RockED learners are more motivated. Low employee productivity costs US businesses $550B every year.

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Train in the Flow-of-Work:

Over 94% of RockED learners improve their skills because of our delivery. Ineffective training costs $13.5M per 1,000 employees.

Launch New Hires on Auto-Pilot:

More than 87% of RockED learners perform better. That matters because the avg. dealer spends $2M/yr on labor turnover.

Auto retail from the ground up.


Learn from over 1,000 guides in 100+ journeys. We keep adding more every month, so your people keep growing.

Get better anytime. Anywhere.


RockED is designed for your pocket. We are mobile-first because your people are always on the GO.

Short attention. High retention.


Our micro-learning video guides are 2 minutes short. That's how people learn today: in the flow of work.

Learn From The Best

1,000 Micro-Lessons From 50+ Experts


Created for Learners | Managers | Accountability



Personal Development Paths:

Put your Sales & Service professionals on self-study journeys to help them get better every day. 

  Effective Coaching Sessions:

Augment your one-on-one reviews with associates and advisors to build their strengths & confidence.

  Super-charged Team Huddles:

Bring RockED to your group meetings as an icebreaker to address bigger learning opportunities.