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Shawn Armorer Teaches Killer Phone Skills

Shawn Armorer specializes in training car salespeople on elevating their customer phone service abilities.

Make Lasting Impressions Over the Phone

Having the right phone skills resides heavily on your ability to be prepared, maintain call control, and be memorable with your car buyers.

Expert: Shawn Armorer
Length: 4 Journeys with 25 Guides
Collection: Advanced Phone Skills

1) Create A Sense of Urgency

Learn how to create an honest sense of urgency with these word tracks that help keep the customer motivated to buy now, rather than later.

2) Utilize The 3-3-3 Technique

Learn how to use the 3-3-3 technique to separate you and your dealer from the one across the street so you can sell more cars.

3) Be Phenomenal, or Forgotten

Here are 5 quick tips for how to be phenomenal with your car buyers, so you won’t be forgotten.

4) Focus on Empathy, Not Sympathy

Avoid the natural tendency to become complacent on the phone instead of displaying true empathy. Use these word tracks to connect compassionately with your dealership customers.

5) Build Rapport with Situational Awareness

How to use situational awareness on the phone with your vehicle buyers to improve your communication skills.

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Better Calls with Shawn

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