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Aniela McGuiness Teaches Simple Moments That Wow

Aniela's experience as a TV presenter, actress and Improv teacher makes her the perfect communication coach.

Communicate Better with Aniela

In three journeys learners will be able to understand the overall impact that helpful and positive communication has on the perception of the customer. Learners will be able to identify key moments that wow customers and improve interaction outcomes.

Expert: Aniela McGuiness
Length: 3 Journeys with 15 Guides
Collection: Simple Moments That Wow

Journey 1: Remember These Communication Basics

Sample: Seven Seconds For A First Impression. In this guide Aniela talks about the science behind a first impression.

1. Seven Seconds For A First Impression

Understanding that you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression.

2. No Is Not An Option

Replacing "No" or "I don't know" with "Let me see what I can do"

3. Set The Stage

Learning that satisfaction happens when reality meets or exceeds expectations.

4. See Common Ground

Learning that commonality gives way to trust.

5. The WIIFM

Get in your customer's shoes and think" What's in it for me?".  WIIFM.

Journey 2: Open Communication

Sample: Seeing Eye to Eye. Aniela tells us how eye contact can enhance the customer experience and how you can apply it today.

1. "Ready to Buy" Doesn’t Have a "Look"

Avoiding bias tendencies and approaching customers equally.

2. Personalize Your Advice

Build trust by being on the customer's side.

3. Classic: Be Yourself

Authenticity means you believe your products as much as your abilities to help the customer.

4. Name That Tone

Smiling before speaking evokes an inviting tone.

5. Seeing Eye to Eye

Make eye contact between 50-70% of the time when speaking with customers.

Journey 3: Clear Communication Is In the Details

Sample: Subliminal Signs. Aniela explains how paying attention to the customer's body language, like facial expressions, can help you communicate better.

1. Subliminal Signs

Non-verbal communication is key to understanding your customer better.

2. Little Things, Big Sales

Paying attention to details that enhance the customer's experience regardless of how big or small.

3. Frown Upside Down

Slowing down and listening to the customer, then repeating back in a manner that shows the customer you're listening and that you care.

4. What Goes Around Comes Around

Investing in your customer results in repeat business.

5. Make The Extra Pass

Even if you can't help the customer, find a team member that can.

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Communicate Better with Aniela

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