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Tania Van Thof Teaches Service Sales Skills

As a former dealership Service Advisor, Service Manager, and Service Trainer of one of the largest dealership groups in the nation, Tania has a unique experience to teach Service Sales Skills. 

Get Your Clients to Say YES to Service

You’ve seen it before. A customer walks in and you offer them a service. They say no. What do you do? Tania will teach how to overcome “no" and get more "yes." Learners will be able to identify the source of objections and how to overcome them.

Expert: Tania Van Thof
Length: 9 Journeys with 87 Guides
Collection: Step Up Your Advisor Game, Selling Value in Service

1) What's an Objection?

Identifying an objection is the first step in understanding how to overcome it. In this guide you'll understand how critical it is to recognize when a customer is seeking to understand the "why" behind any recommendation.

2) Declined? I Don't Know Her.

Eliminating the word "declined" and replacing it with "delayed" will elevate your customer interactions and gain more of their approvals in the future.

3) The Tire Talk

Have the “tire talk” every time your customer is in for a visit Mention when the tires are in good condition. Plant the seed by letting the customer know you have competitive pricing. The first person to recommend tires is 80% more likely to sell them!

4) Good, Better, Best Options

When offering services to your customers, include: Good, Better, Best options. Each option should have different features or pricing to make the decision for your customer easier.

5) Service Recommendations

When presenting a recommendation to a dealership service customer, offer a reason. What is the benefit for the customer. Maintain integrity.

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